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Dedicated to bringing you quality erotica & porn reviews, one site at a time.

The premise is pretty simple – I assume you already know how to find porn on the internet.

The tapes show many of the sex acts you know and love: blowjobs and carpet-munching (and some of these girls did have carpets, which I tend to like), masturbation, vibrators & dildos, missionary, doggystyle, sixty-nine, girl-on-top, reverse cowgirl, and so on.

Also plenty of footage of the ladies showering, getting dressed, and other nude or semi-nude activities.

With currently over 60 million sex-videos indexed and more than 750 supported porno-tubes we have taken the term porn search engine to the next level.

What makes us special is that with you are not just searching the top free adult-tubes such as xhamster, pornhub, redtube and xvideos but also any porn uploaded to other generic video and file-hosters which aren't specialized on pornography.

At the time of this review there’s over 200 hours of footage featuring 29 lusty couples. While there’s no shortage of silicone-enhanced ladies moaning and hollering and carrying on in your typical skin flick, in general they aren’t fooling anyone who has firsthand experience with .

Maybe some people don’t mind all that exaggeration and fakery, but me, I like the real thing in all its glory.

Each girl featured on Yanks starts with a video interview on her masturbation-related likes and dislikes, on her “technique”, and other pertinent information you just have to know.If you love fantasy games and beautiful women, going through all these photo and film scenes is a blast. Ipia of Anbolog, Rogue of the Forest, wields the magical dagger Moon Flame and has a beautiful lithe silhouette and small perky tits.Sadielynn the lovely Elf Shaman must extract a warrior’s semen for one of her potions.There are some lesbian couples online too, but most are straight.

Though the majority of the videos involve sex, we also occasionally watch the couples do other stuff – make breakfast, shop at the market, go hiking. It can be a fascinating voyeuristic glimpse into their lives, and you do get a sense of their personalities as you watch.

Vera of Beori is formidable with the battle-axe and has a voluptuous milky-pale body and perfect buxom breasts.


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