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That seems really odd to me, as dancers will need to make travel plans. , 01/15/18 Mon My question is have dancers who are bumped up received official word yet.I know for sure that this school is associated out, but that still isn't the official ok that certain dancers are bumped up.(NT) -- RRAID, 01/15/18 Mon There's a feis this coming weekend and the next one in Portland is in June.If you go to the Western Region website: westernusregion.com, all of the competitions for the year in the region are listed (NT) -- hth, 01/11/18 Thu I sincerely doubt it.

They can easily beat top dancers given more training and confidence. Traveled to Colorado Springs and feised the next day.

But rules are straight forward (more inside) so safe to make travel plans, right? The hotel has agreed to extend the block deadline until Friday, to make up for the difficulties with booking in the block earlier.

If you haven't had a chance yet to book your room, be sure to get it by this Friday, January 19th.

-- Denver mom, 01/20/18 Sat Two Step Productions has two male Irish dancer positions remaining for the upcoming 5th Anniversary Tour for Rhythm in the Night, The Irish Dance Spectacular! There is a western region feis that we'd like to attend. , 01/16/18 Tue Just looked at an east coast feis syllabus with a whole separate sign-up for Sets. You will either have a 2-round prelim comp with no set () or a 3-round prelim comp with set (). (NT) -- WRMom, 01/16/18 Tue Did the final word ever come out about dancers who are associated out for worlds?

Must be atleast 16 years of age and able to travel in the US! Send your audition to [email protected] and you could join the fastest growing Irish dance show in the U. My daughter is Prelim, it looks like sets are a part of the regular competition. Have a friend who should be bumped up, but she says TC hasn't gotten offical word yet.(NT) -- Nurse Practitioner, 01/31/18 Wed Yes, hydration is absolutely key.



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