Dating advice when to call after first date


But before rushing to pick up that phone and asking her for a second date, consider how much do you actually have in common with your partner.Perhaps you share the same family values or dream of achieving similar things in life.Rather ring her up after, say, three days and thank her for taking out the time to spend with you.Don’t mention anything about hoping to see her again but politely sign off wishing her all the best for the future.Sometimes it could be that after a first date, you are certain if you have nothing in common with a person and you don’t foresee yourself going out with her anytime soon.

If the answers to the former halves of both the above questions is a yes then there is little doubt that your date was as great for your partner as it was for you.

Here are a few factors that you might take into consideration before picking up that phone.

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You could even make a small joke about your last date and say that you are looking forward to presenting a more attractive part of yourself this time.

However keep the tone light and friendly and if you sense a hesitation on the part of the other person, it would be best not to press the matter.

This will let your companion get over the experience and offer some perspective.


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