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After she protested at his advances he "promised Famouri that it was fine, and said that nobody cared and that everybody did it," according to the suit."Given his supervisory position, Famouri allowed the make-out session to continue, but felt uneasy thereafter," the suit says.

A spokesman for the DA told CNBC that prosecutors in December 2016 declined to bring charges "due to insufficient evidence."A report provided to CNBC by the DA's office further explained the decision."[Silva] and [Famouri] had prior sexual relationship.

“I was just replying with questions really and asking what sort of technical justification they were actually using." The chopping down of the trees, in Chestnut Avenue, led to the local Stop The Chop Campaign and sparked a petition signed by more than 5,000 people, and the media branded the tree cutting as ‘The Tooting Chainsaw Massacre.’ Wandsworth Council, which has now chopped down most of the trees, said they were dangerous due to old age and disease.

A Wandsworth Council spokesperson said: "An employee of our leisure and culture contractor, who has been looking after trees for nearly 40 years and is a highly qualified and respected industry professional, asked his counterparts in another borough why one of their officers had repeatedly taken to Twitter during office hours to attack his professional integrity, based on images he’d seen on social media and without making any attempt to contact him to discuss the issue.

A pretext call was done but no incriminating statements were made by [Silva].


Case rejected because no corroboration to [Famouri's] account that the sex was not consensual."A new lawsuit claims a supervisor at one of Lululemon(NASDAQ: LULU)'s stores in Californiaraped an employee after the workout garb company "created the perfect environment for a sexual predator."The suit alleges that Lululemon was long aware that supervisor Phillip Silva had a history of being "sexually inappropriate" with female employees — and actually transferred him from one store to another because of that — before he allegedly raped a female worker at his home in April 2016."They knew about this guy, and they should have done something about it, and they didn't," said Adam Zaffos, the lawyer for Silva's accuser, Shayla Famouri.

However, when using a disciplinary memo template, be sure your finished document is in compliance with your company's policies and follows a standard business memo format.


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