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Hi Folks: I have to agree with Tony's post on this.


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Those users who wish to see such messages can continue to do so, and those who consider those messages to be an annoyance can choose to disable the messages (that say no problem was found). Unfortunately, I can't give any details as to when the next update will be released.

I understand that it's frustrating for you, and it's equally as frustrating for us.

Turning off this option does not affect the execution of automatic background tasks in any way. Thanks, Umai Hi, You cannot disable all the popups, its by design , user should know the status e.g. You can only delay the idle time tasks' start time to 30 minutes (tops).


So you will get these popups only if you leave your PC for at minimum 30 minutes Thanks, Senthil I have to disagree with you.You should post your idea for a single switch in the Product Suggestions board since Symantec employees monitor that board quite closely.


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