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So far I have gotten two different answers from Symantic here, both contradicting themselves. But we can use following settings to turn off notification for Idle time scans, Automatic Live Update, and Insight Optimizer Go to NIS main UI-That is good that NIS/NAV give pop-up about unsafe items, restart computer etc even if the notifications would be taken off. We have identified the issue and have a fix for it.


This is now less than 24 hours away from December and yet it's still not fixed. I could care less that it found 30 cookies and fixed them.

You can also turn off performance alerts for specific software programs (e.g., resource-intensive computer games) at Settings | Miscellaneous Settings | Performance Monitoring | Program Exclusions.

I personally don't mind the Task Notifications and Performance Alerts, but there are many other users who find these "non-critical" notifications to be quite annoying.

I have a very good system, but it's really annoying to have Norton pop up a Quick Scan window a couple of times a day. I suggest a prominent central "Notices Console" (perhaps somewhat redundant to switches found elsewhere), where with a single click you can "OFF" all notices which do not constitute an actual threat. Just in case you weren't aware, you can configure Performance Alerts for high CPU/Memory/Disk Usage/Handles in Settings | Miscellaneous Settings | Performance Monitoring | Performance Alerting.

If you set Performance Alerting to Log Only, performance alerts will not pop up in your system tray but they will continue to be logged in your security history.If I set my NAV for "No Notifications" it should give me no notifications or pop ups.


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