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In the chapter on Fossils, we will discover that dating rocks by their fossils is based on circular reasoning: [1] Each strata is a certain age because of certain key fossils in it; [2] the fossils in the strata are a certain age because evolutionary theory says they should be that certain age, and also because they are in rock strata which is that same age.


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    it is good to know that i am not the only one who has lost loved ones. I watched him laying in his bed and heard him scream my name to get me out of the house because eh thought there was gas in the house. he was in a horrible car crash with his brother charles caler. his brother did make it in the car crash but he was in icu for a few days. and everytime i here the song "slipped away" i come to tears because it reminds me of her and i loved her and i never got to say goodbye and i hope she knows we all love her and miss her, and we know shes in a bettter place. My grandad died almost a year ago now, and the first time I heard this song, it reminded me of how my grandad died, and I never got to say goodbye..also how much I hate the ambulances in Dudley, because they got there about half an hour too late..the time they arrived, it was too late. :'(:'(:'(this song reminds me of the day my mum died & feeling so helpless as she passed away & tryin in vain to do every thing to bring her back words "i didnt get around to kiss you, goodbye on the hand" i forgot to tell her i loved her, really hits home an absolute avril nut but hate her singing this live as ive seen her 6 times now & although she hasnt always sung it when she dose my eyes well up & i get a lump in my throat.

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    Many couples chose to renew their vows to each other on their twenty-fifth anniversary.

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    Second, others tout the theory that Christianity is a “copycat” religion that stole its basic beliefs—including the resurrection—from earlier “mystery religions.” This argument quickly falls apart under scrutiny: knowledgeable scholars have documented that Jesus’ resurrection is a unique belief that has no connection to the mythological stories about dying and rising gods that were tied to vegetation cycles.

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    Each time the computer is booted, this value, which is a number is checked against the stored value in the CMOS memory.

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