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Coffee Meets Bagel heads even further down that spectrum, while services like OKCupid are allegedly for those looking for more committed relationships because the buy-in is higher (more in-depth profile, sophisticated lead–er– scoring, etc).

Then you also have The League, which boasts quality over quantity, while Bumble emphasizes the idea of women leading the charge.

Or—maybe most importantly—what NOT to do when trying to build a relationship.

So, I thought, maybe my swiping/liking/super liking/charming/favoriting experience will help some savvy and perhaps not-so-single marketers out there rethink the way they’re shaping their campaigns.

Online dating teaches us to know the capabilities of your channels and execute on them, understanding what your audience expects.


(This has no relation to marketing whatsoever, but I’m just trying to share my knowledge). That being said, I’ve heard of all types of relationships resulting from every type of platform, regardless of said “purpose” or stigma.I realize that each app is in and of itself a different marketing channel.In the words of the great Beyoncé, “All the single marketers (All the single marketers). ” When I got out of my last relationship, my boss suggested that the best thing I could do was throw myself into my work. I don’t think a blog on what online dating has taught me about personalized marketing was what he had in mind, but here we are.

As a veteran of dating apps Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Happn, I have learned a thing or two about building relationships.Your audience will probably think the same thing, too, if you approach them this way. See guy who took me on four dates, didn’t talk to me for three weeks, and still thought our relationship was “maturing.” Yes, maturing to an early death. The boss I previously mentioned likes to use the example of Dory, the fish from “Finding Nemo,” as what marketers should NOT do when communicating with customers and prospects.


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    If you have a teenager who is in a relationship and suspect it is violent, unhealthy, or dangerous – take the time to talk to your child about teenage dating violence.

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    ), block access to websites or disable a webcam if you are concerned about your child having access to these and other similar sites.

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