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“Stop,” she groaned, afraid of the spiral of emotions growing through her, “Please, no more.” He didn’t answer. He was handsome and honest, with clear green eyes, broad shoulders and a tall frame. “Princess Serenity…” the stranger said, “You may be our key to winning this war yet.” – – – After supper, Serenity finally felt like she knew what was going on. When the army lost the last battle, she had retreated with her troops back to the secret woods behind the kingdom, and flew by herself and a few of her trusted warriors to Earth once she knew the princess had been taken. ” Sir Arthur hung his head apologetically, kneeling, “I’m sorry, your highness.” “I will go back,” Serenity said softly. “You’re braver than I thought.” “I will not have these men slaughtered for my sake,” Princess Serenity whispered. “I will.” – – – The journey back to the castle was long, both in distance and in her heart.

She could only put her hands on his wet back, feeling the strained muscles as she climaxed, crying out gloriously. Sir Arthur was leader of the resistance force on Earth, trying to gather an army that could one day attack the Earth kingdom and rescue her – the princess of the Moon. Since her arrival, she had been clashing with young Sir Arthur at every turn. Mina’s voice was filled with ice, “Then I will leave here while you all perish.” Arthur’s voice was enraged, “I will defend her Highness to the last second.” “You and your men are fools! “Then you will return to this hideout every three days,” Mina said, “And I will train you. Until one day, from your position as the Earth Prince’s captive, you will assassinate him. When she climbed up the ladder and back into the cellar of the Earth kingdom, checking for guards before proceeding down the dimly lit hallways, her heart weighed heavily on her.

CHAPTER FOUR His solid chest crushed her soft breasts into the bed as he shoved into her.

She bit out a cry as her fingernails made scratch marks across his muscular back and he responded by biting her thin neck.

But she could overhear the head knight and the lady warrior arguing in the next room. She smiled around the organ, turned on by her prize.

Looking up at the prince’s stern face, forehead beginning to bead with sweat, she knew she was satisfying him.

He was thrusting his thick tongue expertly in and out, side to side, wanting to leave her body bone dry when he was done with her.


She shivered, her body already contracting against his demanding lips.

She was domineering, wanting to strike swiftly and strongly. Then she pushed open the doors to the dark prince’s bedroom. After a short shower and changing to her thin night gown the dark prince had chosen for her, she let herself fall on her bed, willing away her troubles.

Serenity sat at the head of the table, watching the men gather and clean up after the simple meal they’d had. “There isn’t time,” Mina said defiantly, “By the time the Earth kingdom notices she’s gone they will send every last troop they have to search her out. And Princess Serenity will be taken again, but not until every last one of you here is dead.” “I can’t let the princess return as a captive! She had come back to her captivity, but now everything was different. – – – Esmeralda’s green hair flew slowly down to her sides as she swallowed his large rod into her mouth.

She was panting, her knuckles white from pulling at her bedsheets. The electric bolts running from her breasts to the rest of her body left her breathing hard, senseless, mindless. Then he had gripped her ankles to spread her thighs wide.


She looked down just in time to see his head disappear in between her legs.

“Enough of that,” he snarled and pulled out of her.


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