Updating firmware on panasonic blu ray player

But they need more sales to entice the big players to work with them – once that happens, it may be worth the investment.

But unless you're desperate or your existing Oppo fails, the argument to upgrade isn't overwhelming.

No Chance, I'd be surprised if you could get a 103 for that price and it's 9. I am more than happy with the PQ and AQ as well as its ability to upscale 1080p material. Anyone have any first hand observations on UHD to a 4K TV without HDR? Wanting to make the jump to UHD but without HDR unsure if worth jumping into the Oppo now or waiting.

It has a full remote and its construction is solid enough. As an owner of a 93, I don't think I could purchase any other player.

Well that's what happens went back to Apollo to purchase and it's back to 9.

Cheers DK Okay that didn't appear to go well, I was referring to the 203, apparently persons are having freezing problems with discs and also issues with playing regular blu ray.

My experience is they advertised it as one box to play all "discs" and personal media via USB or networked.

I expect the fix will be released as an official firmware version in a few weeks.



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