Interracial dating healthy

The Nazis thought it was a scandal that White German women had children with Africans from an enemy army and in 1937, 385 of these children were rounded up and sterilised in clinics.’ Miscegenation, the interbreeding of people considered to be of different racial types, was ruled illegal in America.

In the early days white slave owners covertly broke the very laws they passed by raping their slaves, and those found out who couldn’t buy their way out of it were banished from the colonies.

, the notable shift in height and intelligence throughout evolution may be linked to the genetic diversity of offspring’s parents.

Sexual reproduction is essential to maintain genetic diversity within the human species.

As a result, their offspring will benefit from the variants, which will spread throughout the population.

In an effort to delve into the positive benefits of “outbreeding,” senior researcher Jim Wilson and his team from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland studied the genetic diversity of genome data with six biomedical traits, ranging from height to cognitive ability.

The genomes of the individuals included those living as far as Finland and East Asia.

Non-genetic factors such as differences in upbringing due to socio-economic status were taken into account.


This means that when a certain population begins to shrink over at least one generation, the smaller population leads to reduced genetic variation which can lead to mutations that can affect amino acids, or the building blocks of proteins.

This is not a surprise considering health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease tend to arise later in life.

Meanwhile, human evolution is more focused on the ability to create healthy offspring and have them survive infancy to continue raising them.

It combines the parents’ genetic material, resulting in offspring that possess a unique set of genetic blueprints that increase their chances of surviving and thriving compared to a population with limited genetic variability.

This encapsulates Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, where individuals with characteristics that increase their probability of survival will have more opportunities to reproduce, according to the University of California, Berkeley’s Understanding Evolution.Ministers performing mixed marriage ceremonies were heavily fined, but from 1924 bride and groom were imprisoned for up to five years.


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