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About 20 minority languages are also spoken in the Middle East.In a few minutes strolling through the bazaars, one can sometimes brush up against people who would look at home in Biblical to Futuristic times.We suspect that currently most scholars underrate their popularity and ubiquity in this area of the world.A second goal is to provide some ideas as to the impact of the burgeoning social media on the world of tomorrow in the Middle East.We followed the same procedure when attempting to unearth the predictions of futurists and forecasters.Often scholars write as if the Middle East is a single, homogeneous entity.A little more than 50% of the Middle Eastern population can now tune into to the Web.

There is diversity in ethnicity, economic status (ranging from 3,000 GDP per capita in Qatar to ,500 GD in Yemen and the Gaza Strip), in age of Internet users, levels of education, and the like (Middle East ).In this article, we will discuss what is known about a surprisingly popular phenomenon in the Middle East—the use of social media to communicate.We will begin with a discussion of what “social media” sites are (sites such as Facebook, Your Middle East, You Tube, Flickr,, chat rooms, and instant messaging) and point out how common they are in the Middle East.I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing – it’ll be nice to be able to go to my own kitchen for lunch, or go water my garden on my break, but I’ll miss interacting with coworkers and it’s actually not a reduction in commute since I live close to the office and still have to leave the house to take my one-year-old to daycare anyway (spouse can’t do it, his work schedule is too weird).

But I’m probably just going to avoid that and hang out with the kid instead.Surely more studies exist, but we have been unable to find them.


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