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First established in 1999, The Computer School is an online computer and technology-based training center providing direct, and secure links to thousands of short, user-friendly lessons covering virtually all of today’s most commonly-used technologies, tasks, apps, tablets, devices and software. The Computer School's Technology Training Directory (TTD) contains more than 22,000 safe and secure links to engaging and accurate, quick-format lessons and tutorials.Content is fully categorized, perfectly suited for beginners, intermediate and advanced users, outcome based, and targeted for people of all ages, including mature learners.Scroll through our main categories on the left to view available content.My TECHlopedia: Is an extensive IT Dictionary/Encyclopaedia specifically for IT professionals, educators and students.If you’d like to know more, The Computer School has a wide selection of Getting-Started lessons and tutorials aimed solely at teaching you about the Internet and the many features and functions available to you today.


Let The Computer School show you how to greatly enhance your knowledge, confidence and IT skills with this comprehensive, yet user-friendly technology training resource, created by lecturers, teachers and other professionals, specifically to help people develop their computer and technology skills, regardless of age or current skill levels.For example, many teachers may use a connection through a local school or university as their ISP because it is free.You can connect to the Internet through telephone lines, cable modems, cellphones and other mobile devices.Training materials, as well as links to help-centres and government portals are provided to offer the very best advice associated with such a sensitive and important topic.

The Internet is a worldwide telecommunications system that provides connectivity to millions of smaller networks and is often referred to as a network of networks.

Cyber Safety ensures that you benefit from the internet, and all it can offer, without the pitfalls of scams, identity theft, property theft and other such computer crimes.


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