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I instead found myself groaning every scene as gay stereotypes are reinforced and the entire depiction of life in college and gay rights activists is warped so severely that it becomes unrecognizable except as a caricature to be used like a punching bag for the movie's comedy.

The superficial perspective on LGBTQ life highlights this movie's writers' affinity for stereotypes that would make even a Westboro Baptist Minister blush.

Parents Already Dedicated to single parents, or those who would like to meet single parents.

So I’m going into Tech Week right now, and for those that don’t know, Tech Week is what the people in the theater world call the week of the opening of a show.

See full summary » A modern day take on the trials and tribulations of dating.


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    Gays, lesbians and singles are more than welcome to participate.

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    Sometimes, the crowded areas and bright lights are really fun but my inner nerd would rather have one game in the comfort of my own living room.

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    This website doesn’t claim to evaluate you perfectly, but it do claim to find someone who claims to fulfill your claimed requirements, exactly. Free online dating for everyone including seniors, White singles, Black singles, Asian, Latino, Latina, and everyone else.

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