Dating a man with abandonment issues

These are all common questions I receive from my clients and readers like you.I hope this article helps you out and answers questions you’ve had.As I write this article, I want you to put yourself in the shoes of someone that may have these fear of abandonment issues.It’s an emotional problem at it’s core and I’ll be writing this article as if I’m coaching someone suffering from this issue.It really comes down to your deep, core values as I commonly teach here.If you have a poor set of values and beliefs, your mindsets are generally going to be poor and your view of yourself is going to be poor.I think she’s just scared, which is frustrating because I really am interested and would like to see where this goes.I try to tell her this, but I can tell she thinks it’s just a line.

There’s a reason certain women get labeled as having ‘daddy issues’.They’ll put their own needs aside and instead spend their time and energy making their partner feel great.Again, BPD’s do this at an extreme level during the beginning of relationships.The key point you need to understand is that fear of abandonment comes from a lack of self-worth, value, respect and all that. The development of poor core values during upbringing only adds to the toxic pool of issues.

So for any sort of healing to take place, any chance of putting an end to emotional abandonment and feeling good about yourself, you have to develop a sense of worth. You have to believe deep down that you’re actually a pretty awesome person that deserves a great relationship and worthy of love, respect and honor.It’s an extreme swing in emotions and why it’s extremely important to focus on getting your emotions handled no matter who you are.


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