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Everyone watched him make yet another ‘small step for man… ‘Such steps only occur on sacred ground, certainly sacred at that moment to the silent, watching Shuar.‘The symbolic similarity with his ladder descent onto the Moon was self-evident.’However, the team’s hopes of making a remarkable find evaporated after a month when they realised the treasure cave was not where they expected to find it.

It had a broad remit covering archaeology, biology, and geology and involved professional cavers.

But now the daughter of Stan Hall, who led the expedition, has shone new light on what is surely one of the most unusual expeditions ever undertaken by a Scottish explorer.


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    Each episode of The Glee Project is given an overall theme and covers events that have taken place in about the time span of a week. Contestants are given a "homework assignment" that entails learning and practicing segments of a chosen song.

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    Boucheron’s designers created this elegant perfume in 1988 and it was inspired by the art of Parisian goldsmiths from Place Vendome.

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    The Federal Capital Territory (later renamed the Australian Capital Territory) was formed in 1911 as the location for the future federal capital of Canberra.

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