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) for their absolute favorite Christmas movies and their responses poured in! Ultimately, however, it is up to you to determine which movies you feel comfortable watching with your family.With over 50 ideas – you are bound to find several films that fit your family best! If you are looking for more details on the content of any film you show your family, a great resource is Internet Movie Database website (aka: IMDB).Christmas movies out there we sought help from the experts – YOU!We asked our loyal Dating Divas Facebook followers (are you following yet?!Within this site, you can search any particular film and select “Parents Guide” to view content advisory.Most films list, in detail, content issues regarding language, violence/gore, profanity, sex & nudity, alcohol/drugs/smoking and even frightening/intense scenes! When choosing a Christmas film for family movie night, you may want to start with what type of film you are going for.With all the hustle and commercialism in Christmas, it is nice to know there are good quality films to remind us (or teach us) the reason for the Christmas holiday – Christ. The story of Christ’s birth is turned into a full-length film in “The Nativity Story.” The movie can really help bring the beloved story to light for older children, but I recommend pre-screening it before showing it to younger children.

For those of you with little ones at home, there are many great, quality Christmas movies specifically gears towards kids.A young boy embarks on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express.


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