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A simplified name is given, in 1175, as Wrezlaw, Prezla or Breslaw.The Czech spelling was used in Latin documents as Wratislavia or Vratislavia.

The history of the city dates back a thousand years, and its extensive heritage combines almost all religions and cultures of Europe.

The city of Wrocław originated at the intersection of two trade routes, the Via Regia and the Amber Road.

Settlements in the area existed from the 6th century onward, during the migration period.

The population of Wrocław in 2017 was 638,364, making it the fourth-largest city in Poland and the main city of Wrocław agglomeration.


Wrocław is the historical capital of Silesia and Lower Silesia.The city is traditionally believed to be named after Wrocisław or Vratislav, often believed to be named after Duke Vratislaus I of Bohemia.


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