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The funeral is by design an intensely somber event, but also rich in history and cultural and spiritual tradition.Mourners are permitted to prostrate when royal processions pass but must not shout out "Long Live the King" or hold up cellphones to take photos or selfies.But Bhumibol, who spent much of his early life in the West, opted to be put in a coffin, with the royal urn placed next to it for devotional purposes.The urn was at the center of Thursday's processions, including one led by Vajiralongkorn in which the golden container was placed upon the Great Victory Chariot.Her granddaughter slept in her lap and her husband rested his head against a metal barrier.The family came from the coastal province of Rayong, where they run a food stall.


As the chariot, pulled by hundreds of men in traditional red costumes, passed the mourners lining the parade route, they prostrated themselves, pressing their folded hands and head on the ground in a show of reverence for the late monarch. 13, 2016, after a reign of seven decades sparked a national outpouring of grief.All members of ICS must clear a thorough background check prior to employment and are subject to relentless integrity testing.


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