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In fact, the only things that WERE matching were those dratted trainers.

So when we bumped into former fast bowler Brett Lee and his immaculately attired wife, in what has become our usual breakfast haunt, I suddenly felt the need to disown him.

After a long day, he helped himself to one of those over-priced small bottles of wine that you find in a minibar.

Curiously a flock of cockatoos was patrolling the ground as we finished, with their eyes on some sort of nut that had fallen from the Norfolk Pines.I’m looking forward to being back; youngest son Tom has his 21st birthday party next week and the final preparations are needed.Also, I’m really missing my spoilt cocker spaniel Tino, although I know he’s being beautifully cared for by our good friend Carolyn.Once we were up and out ( and ascertained the alarm had actually been set off by the restaurant next door) we decided we might as well head for our breakfast walk.

Now, in his panic, it would be fair to say that Latest pulled on a somewhat eclectic mixture of clothes.

He soon licked her into shape, and on day one he convinced her he was allowed to sleep on the bed!


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