Dating gay kuwait


However, more recently in June 2015, 27 people were killed including non Kuwaitis and 227 injured in a terrorist attack during Friday prayers on a mosque in Kuwait during Ramadan.


Women should avoid walking alone in isolated areas at night and travel with a companion if possible.As of 2007, cross-dressing in public is expressly illegal.In 2003, Kuwait's Civil Bench of the Court of First Instance dismissed the case of a 25-year-old woman who wanted to change her name on official documents after undergoing a sex-change operation in Thailand .In 2000, the Kuwaiti appeals court overturned the lowers court's criminal convictions against these two women, but upheld the heavy fines.

Newspapers are not expressly prohibited from dealing with LGBT topics and there has been more discussion of homosexuality and cross-dressing on-line.On October 27, police raided a party where homosexuals were allegedly celebrating a wedding. In September 2008, police raided a private apartment residence and charged three adult Filipinos for committing sodomy [4].


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