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Networking events and career fairs are par for the course when it comes to engaging with students, alumni and employers.

The concept for the rancor in Return of the Jedi was described by its creators as "a cross between a bear and a potato." It was first to be played by an actor in a suit, but no one was satisfied with the results.

The rancor was then made as a rod-operated puppet, filmed with a high-speed camera to slow its movements down to give the illusion of a much larger creature.

Brazen’s platform gives your admissions team similar technology to connect with prospective students during scheduled online events where students can ask questions and learn why they want to attend your school.

The purpose of the Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks guidebook is to inspire communities to advocate for and utilize Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks as critical health solutions for increasing physical activity and social engagement.was kept as a pet by Jabba the Hutt in a pit below his palace court, to which he fed any who displeased him.


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