Looking for sex in mzansi


This is a forum for incest fiction story written by motherless members. with my throat and mouth being numb it made it easier... It's unfair to massage her all through the movie we were watching.


I would like to start a discussion on how to approach your significant other to accept a sexual role as a family member. She was nice and everything just had the shakes and was quiet. She comes in, throws her clothes into the hamper, says goodnight, and hurries off to bed.

I Tested her with this the first night and went in the den at 330 am and slapped her in the face to wakeup and pissed on her and then rolled her over and fucked her ass. I piled the undies all around me and jerked off until I came into at least 3 of her panties.

She just said"I love it master" and when i was done she went to bed. The girl is just simply a wreck and wants somewhere to stay. It seemed like a shame to leave them, so I selected a g-string I thought wouldn't be missed, pocketed them, and tried to place the undies back into the hamper without too much obviousness.

The big fat guy got out and I met him about halfway. they had like a bed in the back and a mini kitchen... after I was in there for about a minute watching the old man fill out the paper work he suddenly turned and said that we have a problem.. I didn't know how to tell her that my mind was on her massaging my cock, but I'm sure the growth in my pants was trying to send signals.

He told me it would just take a minute and that he would need me to pay him first... It turned me on even more knowing they were pressing against her panties in my pocket.

You can proposition for a roleplay only in the Roleplay Request forum. She resisted a little verbally, but finally slid back between my arms.



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    One thing there women all have in commin is that they are horny, wet and like to please you NOW!

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    The Sailfish OS SDK was published at the end of February 2013.

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    At the same time he started touching her shoulders and tried to hug her.

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